Lovettsville last week received a community development grant of nearly $245,000, less than half the amount the town says it needs to improve its sewer system. "But we are very happy," said council member Grace Hummer, wife of Mayor J.R. Hummer. "This is the culmination of three years of hard work." If another jurisdiction that also received a grant decides not to go ahead with its project, Hummer said, Lovettsville is first on the list to get that grant as well.

Among the communities that applied for, but did not receive, community development grants this year were Quantico and Round Hill. Quantico had applied for $600,000 to be used to rehabilitate rental properties housing low income residents. "We got 680 points, 20 points shy of what we needed," said Georgia Raftelis, town treasurer. The town, which last year received a grant to rehabilitate homes of residents on fixed incomes, will try again next year, she said. Round Hill Mayor Jeffrey H. Wolford said his town's application was only six points away from the necessary 704. "We never got this close before," he said. "We're going to sit down with the Northern Virginia Planning Commission and ask how we can improve our application next year. Maybe it just wasn't our turn." Round Hill, which since 1975 has been under a state Department of Health mandate to improve its water treatment system, planned to use the $700,000 grant to do that, he said.