Middleburg's Town Council, responding to pressure from restaurant owners who objected to the one percent meal tax slated to go into effect next month, approved a resolution recently that will allow restaurateurs to pay the tax quarterly instead of monthly and would let them add the 1 percent increase to menu prices instead of to the bill. Restaurant owners said their objection was not to the tax itself but to the extra bookkeeping it would entail. According to a town spokesman, the council also authorized Town Manager Gerard Rogers to ask state Sen. Charles Waddell (D-Loudoun) to introduce legislation that would allow the town to give restaurant owners a rebate on the tax to cover the costs of the bookkeeping.

In other business, the council approved an amendment to the parking ordinance that will waive a requirement that developers provide off-street parking. Instead, the town will impose a fee that will help pay for a town parking lot. According to the spokesman, the amendment was patterned after one approved last month by the Leesburg Town Council requiring a developer to pay $1,600 to the town for every parking space needed. Middleburg has not set fee requirements, the spokesman said.