D.C. police ticketed 500 motorists for speeding and other moving violations yesterday and made about 15 arrests as part of a special holiday crackdown on speeders and drunk drivers, traffic officials said. More than 400 speeding citations were issued Saturday during an eight-hour period.

Sgt. Lonnie Millard of the traffic division said 17 officers working in radar-equipped two-person crews were set up in eight locations throughout the city between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. on Saturday and yesterday as part of a Labor Day "selective enforcement program." Several crews concentrated on "high-speed" areas including I-295, the Southeast Freeway and Suitland Parkway.

"I don't know that 500 is a record, but it is the most I can remember in a single tour of duty. I would venture to say that's some kind of record," Millard said of the two-day total.

He added that about six motorists were arrested yesterday and charged with driving without a permit, and that about nine others were cited for various offenses including failing to stop at a red light.

On Saturday, police reported that about 60 drivers had been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, including 49 at a single sobriety checkpoint. No additional drunk-driving charges had been reported by 7 last night, Millard said.