A 20-year-old man being sought in a slaying four days ago shot and killed the owner of a summer cabin near York, Pa., yesterday, took another man hostage, then fled across the state line into Baltimore County where he was killed in a shootout with police, authorities said.

Tod Doellinger of Red Lion, Pa., was shot numerous times by police at a makeshift roadblock near the town of Parkton, Md., and died about 4:45 p.m. at the University of Maryland Hospital in Baltimore.

Baltimore County police Cpl. Tavie Rosen was treated for a minor bullet wound in the hand he received when he tried to arrest Doellinger before the shootout, Cpl. Tom McCreer said.

The events leading to the shootout began about 11 a.m. yesterday when Thomas Reinhert, 61, of Dover, Pa., and several other family members surprised Doellinger in the act of burglarizing their summer cottage in Springettsbury Township, Trooper Jack Cottrell of the Pennsylvania State Police said.

Reinhert was shot four times in the chest as he opened the cabin door, police said. Doellinger then apparently escaped through a back window and ran about a quarter-mile, where he broke into a another home, Cottrell said.

After tying up several people in that house, Doellinger commandeered a truck and forced a man identified as Ronald Leitheiser, 39, to drive him into Maryland, Cottrell said.

Baltimore County police were alerted by Pennsylvania authorities to watch for the stolen truck, and Cpl. Rosen stopped Doellinger in Parkton, about five miles into Maryland, McCreer said. Doellinger fired several shots at Rosen, police said, and the truck sped away for about three miles along a winding road with four county and state police cars in pursuit.

As the truck approached a police roadblock, officials said, Leitheiser slammed on the brakes and leapt from the vehicle. Doellinger, armed with a pistol in each hand, climbed out of the truck and was felled by county officers firing 12-gauge shotguns, police said.

Doellinger was wanted in the slaying of Marianne Henry, 69, of Red Lion, who was stabbed to death during a burglary at her home early Friday, Cottrell said.