An unidentified woman whose nude body was found Friday inside a vacant house in Anacostia died of strangulation a week to 14 days ago, a D.C. medical examiner's autopsy showed yesterday.

Police sources said the woman appeared to have been sexually assaulted and they described her death as "very brutal."

Her body was discovered inside 1226 U St. SE by members of a renovation crew who arrived to work at the vacant two-story Colonial house shortly after noon, police said.

They said that the woman's body was nude except for numerous pieces of jewelry -- including two gold rings, several gold bracelets on each wrist and a gold chain with a heart-shaped locket around her neck. But no clothes or other personal belongings were found in the house, authorities said.

A police source said he was perplexed that "there was nothing there -- the murderer took everything" except the expensive gold jewelry. He said it appeared that the woman was killed in the house.

Police said the woman was black, 18 to 25 years of age, weighed 120 to 135 pounds and was about 5 feet 10 inches tall with six-inch-long black hair.

The medical examiner said she died of "manual strangulation."