Some good questions and comments from readers in today's Monday Morning Quarterback.

An Alexandria woman voices a complaint that many feds have because of the recently declared pay freeze. She thinks there ought to be a local law that when federal pay is frozen, landlords, parking lot owners and other merchants should be required to hold their price lines as well.

A Washington man wants to know why managers encourage federal workers to report waste, fraud and abuse and then leave them twisting in the wind when their agencies fire them for whistle-blowing.

Another reader says there is nothing very "elite" about the government's elite Senior Executive Service.

Finally, a Vienna sports fan says that jests about the working habits of federal workers aren't very funny to hardworking feds.

*"No words can describe my feelings after reading the headline 'President Freezes Federal Pay Until 1987.' Next, our health benefits get taxed. Then what?

"Who is representing the rights of federal workers? Who cares about our survival?

"Did our vacationing president tell the landlords not to increase the rents until 1987?

My rent will be increased by $40 monthly beginning in November 1985, then again $40 in 1986. Does he give a damn? Of course not!

"I would like to know who, if anyone, will pass some legislation to prevent landlords from increasing rents until federal workers finish paying off the national deficit.

"What representatives do we write to in trying to prevent us from all becoming 'street' people?

"Whether anyone cares or not, there are a great many depressed Americans in America." J.W., Alexandria

*"Every time I see the Senior Executive Service referred to in your column as an 'elite' service I cringe. If it is so elite, why don't most of us at the Grade 15 level aspire to it? You, of all people, should not help keep the myth of exclusivity alive. The fact is high risk, low reward, unfulfilled promise." A Career GS 15 Washington

*"We read occasionally about the whistle-blowers in the civil service and the troubles they encounter, but I've never heard of one of them being offered a decent job in another agency or department of the government.

"Is there not one manager in the government who is sufficiently devoted to serving the taxpayers to want on his staff a proven watchdog to help keep everybody honest?" R.C., Washington

*"This letter is in stern protest to a cheap shot at federal workers that appeared in The Post's Sports section . The writer said it would have taken 50 hours to watch all 16 Redskins games last year.

"In the next paragraph he states that this is a long work week ' . . . or two normal work weeks if you're with the federal government . . . . ' That is a cheap shot if ever there was one.

" . . . For the record, I am a 15-year federal worker. I work from approximately 9:30 a.m. to 7 p.m., with no lunch break, five days a week. Throughout my federal career, I have found that most of my colleagues work similar schedules.

"We don't work these hours to be martyrs or to be thanked. I work mine because I enjoy my job. It hurts when I am slandered, even in jest." A.W., Vienna