Every so often, Chantilly's Mike Campbell doesn't get the opportunity to work on his craft -- field goal kicking. Such an occurance happened Friday night, but the hard-running 6-foot-2, 200-pound senior used his talents to rush for 102 yards on 13 carries and score two touchdowns. He also made all three of his conversion kicks in a 21-6 triumph over South Lakes.

"I didn't get the chance to kick any field goals because our offense did a good job," said Campbell, who rushed for only 215 yards but successfully kicked 11 of 12 field goal tries in 1984. "Our line is kind of small, but they really blocked for me. I was switched from fullback to tailback and it gives me the chance to run more sweeps."

Campbell, who also caught four passes for 36 yards, said he once made a 60-yard field goal in practice and hopes to get the chance to try a long one this year. "I think the coach might let me try one from 50 yards out," he said.

"Mike did a lot for us, ran sweeps, traps, screens, everything," said Chargers Coach Fred Welch. "He's not very fast, but fast enough. Our offense isn't designed for anyone especially, but Mike could be a big-play man. We know he can give us three almost anytime. And he could play defense if we needed him."