Some of us, who stayed in our air-conditioned quarters during the hellacious 92-degree heat and 91-percent humidity on Sunday, wondered what kind of nuts would participate in something like the second annual Reston Triathlon -- a grueling event that involves a one-mile swim, a 23-mile bicycle ride and a 6.2 mile run.

Well, among the participants -- still call them nuts if you want, but I'm willing to revise my judgment -- were three members of the House of Representatives, including Virginia's 10th District Rep. Frank R. Wolf.

Wolf, 46, who lives in Vienna, did the course in a not spectacular but respectable 3 hours 50 minutes. He wasn't racing against anybody else -- he just wanted to reach the finish line -- but was beaten in time by a couple of younger House Democrats -- Thomas J. Downey of New York, age 36, and David E. Bonier of Michigan, age 40.

Why would Wolf run this grueling course?

"I just sort of took it on as a challenge; I did it for the fun," he said.

Wolf followed his children into the fitness bit. His daughter Virginia (how appropriate a name for a Virginia congressman's daughter!) bicycled across the United States from Oregon to Yorktown, Va., two years ago.

To get closer to her, the congressman bought a bike, too, and one thing, fitness-wise, led to another.