A 14-year-old baby sitter, charged with kidnaping a toddler in Waldorf last month, turned herself in to police in Pittsburgh yesterday, according to the Charles County sheriff's office. They said they understood that the baby had been left with a family in Dallas.

Sgt. Casey McDevitt said a child has been located in Dallas, but the boy has not been positively identified as Michael Justin Fitzgibbon, the 22-month-old child who has been missing since Aug. 5. "The child appears to be in good health," McDevitt said, and authorities were looking for his mother, Sharon Fitzgibbon, so she can fly to Dallas to make a positive identification.

Tammy Lynn Giles, who turned herself in to police in the middle of the afternoon, was being held by Pittsburgh police on kidnaping and abduction charges, McDevitt said.

Dallas police investigator Cathy Harding told the Associated Press that Giles had gone to Dallas "somewhere around Aug. 10."

Dallas police Sgt. Jack Clower, who called the boy "an active little rascal," said he was in good health and being cared for at a children's shelter. Clower said he will be released to his mother on her arrival.

The incident began after Sharon Fitzgibbon, who was going away for the weekend, left Michael in the care of his 15-year-old sister on Aug. 4. But the sister wanted to spend the night with a friend, and Giles, a school acquaintance of the sister, volunteered to take care of the toddler.

Giles and the baby disappeared, and authorities theorized that Giles, who had run away from home 22 times in the past 1 1/2 years, took the baby on a hitchhiking trip because she thought people would be more willing to pick up a girl who had a child with her.

At first, officials broadcast an appeal to Giles, asking her to return the baby, but after they were missing for two weeks, juvenile charges of kidnaping and abduction were filed. In the past five weeks, Charles County officials received several tips about sightings of Giles, especially in the Pittsburgh area.