If you are seeking federal employment, here are some job openings you may want to check out tomorrow.

Commerce in Germantown is looking for a GM (merit pay) 13 financial payments officer and a supervisory operating accountant, and a temporary GS 12 supervisory payroll operations analyst. Call 377-5138.

Agriculture's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service wants a Grade 11 space management specialist. Civil Service status required. Call 447-6190.

Marine Corps at Quantico needs a GS 7/11 operations research analyst; a GS 7/9 environmental protection specialist; GS 11 operations research analyst and a GM (merit pay) 14 supervisory computer specialist. Call Shirley Curry on (703) 640-2048.

Office of Personnel Management is looking for a warehouse leader, Wage Grade 6. Status required. Call Rhunette Lawson on 632-6118.

Agriculture's Economic Research Service has an opening for a GS 12 or GM 13 computer equipment analyst. Status required. Call Christopher Early at 447-7148.

ACTION needs a GS 11 statistician (status). Call 634-9263.

State Department has 10 openings for part-time technical information specialists, GS 5 level. Call Charles Mills on 632-0420.

Army in Bethesda wants a GS 12 operations research analyst, and a GS 4 budget clerk. Call Patti Magrann on 692-3321.