The ownership of Lorton Reformatory was misstated in yesterday's editions. The District of Columbia operates the prison facility in Fairfax County but the property is owned by the federal government.

Prisoners at Lorton Reformatory met with D.C. Corrections Department officials for three hours yesterday to seek an end to a nine-day-old strike by inmates assigned to prison industries, a Lorton spokesman said.

The inmates brought work at Lorton's laundry, license plate, furniture repair and print shops to a halt Sept. 9, complaining of low wages and poor medical and food services, corrections spokesman Leroy Anderson said.

The Lorton facility, located in Fairfax County, is owned by the District and houses prisoners from the D.C. correctional system. Anderson said the inmates presented Lorton officials with an unsigned list of demands, including an increase in pay. The present base pay for the prison labor ranges from 31 cents to 84 cents an hour.

Anderson said that Lorton management promised the prisoners a 10 percent wage increase beginning Oct. 1 and a 5 percent longevity raise for prisoners who have worked more than a year in a particular shop.

Officials of the prison, according to Anderson, have made other concessions to the strikers, promising them physical examinations and pledging that environmental specialists will check Lorton's furniture repair shop to make sure that paint thinner and other solvents used there are safe and that the facility has proper ventilation.

Anderson said the striking inmates also met among themselves yesterday to consider proposals by prison management. But as of the close of yesterday's work day, he said, the strike was still going on.