The president of the Langley High School Boosters Club said yesterday the club "strongly requested" that former Redskin Clarence Harmon withdraw his resignation as a football coach and aide at the Fairfax County school.

Harmon resigned Thursday after school officials said they will investigate his guilty plea in a well-publicized 1983 Texas drug case, which they were unaware of when they hired him this summer.

Reed Saunders, booster club president, said his group had joined the school football team in asking Harmon not to leave.

Mary E. Collier, School Board chairman, said many Langley parents had telephoned her to speak on Harmon's behalf. School officials have promised tougher background checks of new employes following a separate incident in which a former school psychologist was arrested on child sexual abuse charges, but Collier said they cannot be expected "to know everything about everybody."

The school's principal, James E. Manning, said that "everybody is feeling very sad" about Harmon's resignation. Manning said he would rehire Harmon if his superiors approved.

Asked about his plans yesterday, Harmon said, "I don't have anything to say."

The subject of Harmon's resignation came up in some classes at the McLean school yesterday. Most students support him and "think he shouldn't have been put in the position where he felt he had to resign," said Kim Willoughby, a Langley student who is the county's student representative to the School Board.

Students and parents said Harmon's plea, which resulted in a $5,000 fine and probation, was well known, and they were surprised that officials did not know about it.