Did every tourist who came to Washington this summer lose his or her camera? It would seem so, if one checks the latest D.C. police report of recovered property.

More than 125 items, listed in an advertisement a few days ago in this newspaper, were recovered during the tourist season, and a high proportion were cameras, to wit:

"Mamiya camera, [found in] 1600 block of K Street NW . . . Canon camera with brown bag, unit [zero] block of Massachusetts Avenue NE . . . Kodak disc 4000 camera, U.S. Capitol Building . . . Olympus 35mm camera, Rayburn House Office Building . . . Minolta Hi-Matic camera, back seat of taxicab . . . Yashica 35mm . . . Canon T50 camera with Lens, Longworth House Office Building . . . " and several others.

A lot of other things were found. Among them:

*Assorted sodas, 1400 block of Kennedy Street NW.

*$259, taxicab.

*$540, Third and East Capitol streets.

*IBM electric typewriter, 1400 block of W Street NW.

*Self-propelled wheelchair, 3500 block of 19th Street SE.

*And many bicycles.

Are you among the losers? Check the ad, which ran Wednesday, and be prepared to provide valid proof of ownership (or one heck of a persuasive description) to the police property office, 2235 Shannon Pl. SE. Items that aren't claimed go to the finders, minus payment for part of the price of the advertising.