It is not a misprint. Buried down at the bottom of the Great Falls District football standings is South Lakes, the school that has known little else but success since its inception eight years ago.

Friday, the Seahawks dropped to 0-4 when they lost to McLean, 17-7. These have not been the best of times for Tom Secules, who has coached South Lakes since its program started with two seasons on the junior varsity level.

"I'm not taking it well," said Secules. "But I'm not letting it get to me either. It must mean that I'm getting older."

Against McLean, the Seahawks started seven underclassmen on defense. In their opener this season, they had six players starting on both offense and defense. For the present, there no longer are any two-way starters.

This should eventually help quarterback Mike Watkins, who was also playing free safety.

Another beneficiary could be Gerald Price, who is better known for his basketball talents. Price, a senior, played some football as a freshman, did not play the past two years, but this season earned starting berths at wide receiver and cornerback. Now he will just play offense.

"He was needing a rest, and we want him playing all-out whenever he is out there," said Secules. "We would rather have him playing wide receiver because, with his speed, he is such a great threat to have."

The additions to the lineup serve notice to teams on the second half of South Lakes' schedule. They had better not think they will just walk over what is no longer the district's dominant team.

"We think we found some kids who can play," said Secules. "We are getting closer to where we want to be. We are not there yet, but we are improving."

The metropolitan-area football player most sought by college recruiters, Eric Metcalf of O'Connell, did not take long to make an impression on the collegiate level.

Metcalf won a spot as both a kickoff and punt returner at the University of Texas. He also has worked his way through the depth charts in the Longhorns' backfield.

"He is playing and is very excited and happy," said O'Connell Coach Jim Hayes. "I think by the end of the season, from the way it sounds, he could be a starter."

Hayes said Metcalf continued to grow and fill out after graduation. "He now weighs a solid 180 pounds," Hayes said.

Chris Warren, an all-Met running back at Robinson last year, also did not waste time becoming a college success.

Warren turned down the University of Southern California and Notre Dame, among many others, to attend Virginia. He was switched to the defensive backfield and, two weeks ago, earned Atlantic Coast Conference rookie-of-the-week honors with a key interception and five punt returns for a total of 48 yards in the 24-13 victory over Georgia Tech.

Another key in that victory was defensive end Sean Scott, who was named metropolitan area defensive player of the year in 1983 while at Mount Vernon.

Other former Majors playing at the collegiate level inlcude Woody Wright, who is starting for Butler (Kan.) Community College, a top-10 level junior college. Dan Mullins is starting for the Air Force Academy prep school in Colorado. John Rymiszewski at Duke and Lance Doty at James Madison are waiting to crack the lineup at their schools.