A bridge used by pedestrians to cross a congested section of Kenilworth Avenue NE near the Metro subway system's Minnesota Avenue station was destroyed in a truck accident nearly a year ago.

Now, District officials say, a new walkway is expected to be built across the six-lane roadway by the end of February.

The overpass collapsed after its central support beam was struck by the raised bed of a dump truck last Oct. 26. The road was temporarily closed after the incident, but no serious injuries were reported.

District officials said rebuilding the bridge has been delayed because of shortages of funds and federal construction requirements.

The project is expected to cost more than $1 million, largely in federal funds. To comply with federal rules, city officials said, new ramps must be designed.

The original ramps, built in the late 1950s, were not damaged in the accident.

But they were found to be too steep to meet federal standards aimed at ensuring access for the handicapped. Officials said negotiations are under way over plans to replace the ramps.

Since the bridge was destroyed, the Metro system has provided free bus service between the Minnesota Avenue station and nearby communities, including the Mayfair area.