A political organization associated with presidential candidate Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr. is lobbying school boards and government officials in the Washington area and nationally, calling for a quarantine of AIDS victims and mandatory screening of teachers and others who deal with the public to determine if they have the disease.

Representatives from the National Democratic Policy Committee have recently lobbied the Prince George's County school board, the Baltimore City Council and Dorchester County officials. They have also said they are scheduled to speak in Anne Arundel and Harford counties.

They are signed up to testify for a second time at a session tonight in Prince George's on a resolution to ban students and teachers with acquired immune deficiency syndrome from the schools.

A spokeswoman for LaRouche's organization said the national campaign was instituted in mid-September and that representatives have been active in a number of communities and states, including Florida and New York.

"We intend to have it extend to the smallest city in the country," said Christina Huth, a spokeswoman at the organization's headquarters in Loudoun County.

The AIDS issue is typical of those on which the organization has put forth dire public warnings. LaRouche cautions in his writings that world disaster such as starvation or nuclear war will result unless his ideas are implemented.

The AIDS campaign advocates a four-point program: screening of workers, such as teachers and food handlers, who require a public health check, and removal of those who have the disease; a $1 billion infusion of federal money to support research on AIDS; large-scale infrastructural development to alleviate the conditions of poverty that the organization says contribute to spread of the disease; and quarantine of AIDS victims, possibly in buildings that formerly served as tuberculosis sanitariums.

"Initially, the quarantine would be voluntary," said Stuart Rosenblatt, a regional coordinator of the National Democratic Policy Committee, who held a news conference before a recent Prince George's County school board meeting. "But at a certain point, we would probably be recommending mandatory quarantine."