A District man who had given a paid television demonstration of burglary techniques was sentenced yesterday to at least nine years in prison for a break-in at the home of a 72-year-old Capitol Hill woman.

Paul E. Holland, 39, who earlier pleaded guilty to second-degree burglary and destruction of property, was told by a D.C. Superior Court Judge Fred B. Ugast that his long criminal record as well as the traumatic effect burglaries have on victims calls for severe punishment.

Holland, 39, who had been convicted of several burglaries, was on parole when he entered the Capitol Hill home last May.

In an emotional plea last month, the homeowner described to Judge Ugast the horror she felt May 17 when she turned on her television and heard the name "Paul E. Holland" announced in a WDVM-TV (Channel 7) series on burglaries. Earlier that day, the woman had attended Holland's preliminary hearing in court.

Officials at WDVM-TV said they had paid $300 to Holland to demonstrate his burglary technique as a public service to show how viewers could protect their homes. They said the Holland segments had been filmed before the May Capitol Hill burglary.

Yesterday Judge Ugast sentenced Holland from 9 to 30 years in prison for three offenses, including unauthorized use of the woman's vehicle. Holland may be eligible for parole in nine years.