The state health department, which last month requested that Hillsboro begin submitting one water sample a week for testing instead of the four samples at the end of the month that the town had been submitting, has changed its mind. According to Mayor Alexandra Spaith, district engineer Aref Etemadi has agreed to allow Hillsboro water commissioner Sandy Muir to submit one sample a month. "When he found out how small the town is [Hillsboro has less than 350 residents] and reviewed records that show our samples have been consistently good for more than a year, Mr. Etemadi decided that one sample a month would be all right," Spaith said. "We're delighted. Mailing water samples is expensive and time consuming."

The Town Council decided last week against Spaith's suggestion that the town buy two trash containers, one for each end of town, to ease the litter problem. "The council said the last time Hillsboro did that, people passing through town put their trash in the containers and they overflowed. It was awful." Instead the Town Council has named Saturday Hillsboro's first official clean up day. Council members will deliver to residents trash bags that they may fill and put at the curbside where they will be picked up by the town's regular trash removal service. If the idea works, Hillsboro will do it twice a year, Spaith said.