The Community for Creative Non-Violence has charged that federal government plans for moving the homeless from CCNV's dilapidated shelter downtown are "completely inadequate" and urged a judge to rule that they do not comply with his order permitting its shelter to be closed.

In papers filed with U.S. District Judge Charles R. Richey, CCNV said a 600-bed shelter now being prepared in Anacostia Park is "unsafe" and a "fire hazard." It said the Navy Department building, which used to house the Inaugural Committee, also is too small and "out of the way."

CCNV leader Mitch Snyder added in a statement filed with the motion that $500,000 in federal funds for the elderly had been diverted improperly to the new shelter, which will be operated by the D.C. Coalition for the Homeless.

Coalition officials strongly denied the CCNV charges. Board member Patricia Makin said she is "tired of putting out the fires Mitch Snyder is starting. I want to get on with the business of housing the homeless."

In mid-August Richey ruled that the government could close the CCNV shelter at 425 Second St. NW, but only after relocating its residents. Both the CCNV and the government have appealed that ruling.