Prince George's County police, along with federal drug enforcement agents and District of Columbia vice detectives, confiscated equipment and chemicals that they said could be used to produce more than $1 million worth of PCP, in an investigation that ended early yesterday with the arrests of four men.

A Prince George's County police spokeswoman said officers seized chemicals at 516 71st St. in Seat Pleasant that could have been used to make approximately five gallons of liquid PCP. Five gallons of the hallucinatory drug would sell on the street for $1,024,000, she said.

PCP, manufactured as a liquid, is sprayed on marijuana or parsley and sold on the street under such names as "lovely" and "love boat."

The Prince George's spokesman said county police, agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration and D.C. vice detectives acting on a search warrant entered the Seat Pleasant house at 9:15 p.m. Friday and arrested Ernest L. Dixon, 34.

Minutes later, the spokeswoman said, detectives from Prince George's and the District approached a suspect in a nearby car at Ashleaf Avenue and Seat Pleasant Drive. The suspect attempted to run down the D.C. officer, the spokeswoman said, and the two officers fired five shots at the car, one of which flattened the front right tire.

The driver fled and was stopped on 71st Street after a quarter-mile chase, she said. Ernest C. Peace, 30, of 403 Yorknoll Dr., Capitol Heights, was arrested.

Shortly after midnight, police said, Marvin R. Lenzy, 25, was arrested as he drove up to the house on 71st Street.

William E. Boddie, 34, of 1338I St. NW, was arrested at a convenience store on Seat Pleasant Drive shortly before the police search of the house, police said.

Boddie, charged with conspiracy to manufacture and attempted manufacture of PCP, was being held at the Prince George's County Detention Center on $60,000 bond, police said.

Lenzy and Dixon, both of 516 71st St., are charged with maintaining a common nuisance, conspiracy and attempted manufacture of PCP. Dixon is being held on $100,000 bond and Lenzy on $60,000.

Peace, also charged with conspiracy and attempted manufacture of the drug, and with assaulting a police officer, was being held on $100,000 bond.