D.C. City Councilwoman Charlene Drew Jarvis (D-Ward 4), under pressure from the Office of Campaign Finance to clean up the records of her campaign and official finances, has filed reports for two previous election campaigns and her constituent service fund.

Jarvis reported that she raised $42,732 for the consituent fund between June 1981 and July 1985 and spent all but $650 of the fund. The account is used to cover expenses related to Jarvis' official duties. The records show that Jarvis raised the money at four fund-raisers that were held in 1981, 1982, 1983 and 1985.

The documents, which were filed late Thursday, also show that during Jarvis' 1982 mayoral campaign she raised $59,592 and spent $61,568, leaving a $2,000 debt. During her 1984 council reelection campaign, Jarvis reported raising $175,619 and spending $174,544.

Keith Vance, director of the campaign finance office, who cited Jarvis for having failed to file complete campaign records, said yesterday that he had not had time to study the reports and would not comment on their contents.

"We will conduct our review next week," Vance said. "All I know is that she has filed the reports."

Vance had discovered during an audit of Jarvis' 1982 and 1984 campaigns that Jarvis' constituent services fund had received money from political action committees but that the council member had not filed any reports for the fund between 1981 and 1985.

Constituent services funds, maintained by 11 of the 13 council members, are used to support community service groups and to sponsor programs and activities for consitutents. By law, City Council members are required to file periodic reports of contributions to and expenditures from such funds.

Jarvis' records indicate that nine payments were made out of her constituent service fund, totaling $7,835, to Arrow Window Cleaning, 5111 Georgia Ave. NW. Other large expenditures include $4,261 to the Mayflower Hotel on April 2, 1982; $3,642 to the Gangplank Marina, 600 Water St. SW, on Feb. 17, 1982; and two payments of more than $3,000 each to Sonny's Instant Print, 601 13th St. NW.

Jarvis and Woodrow Boggs, the chairman of her 1982 and 1984 campaigns, were not available for comment yesterday.

In August, an aide to Jarvis tried to reactivate the fund but Vance denied the application, saying the law required Jarvis to set up a new fund instead of reopening the old one. At that time the campaign finance director informed Jarvis that she was not complying with D.C. law and must give him an accounting of money raised or spent for the fund. CAPTION: Picture, CHARLENE DREW JARVIS . . . $42,732 in constituent fund