A Prince George's County judge held a Landover property owner and his Realtor in contempt of court yesterday for allowing a sexually oriented business to operate on the property in violation of a court order.

Circuit Judge Perry Bowen Jr. ordered Carl B. Ahlenfeld, who owns property at 8444 Ardwick-Ardmore Rd., and Harvey Casberrian Jr., an Anne Arundel County Realtor, each to post $50,000 bond for allowing Sheila's Foxy I Bath and Health Club to operate at the site.

Bowen also ordered the two men to pay the Prince George's County police vice squad a total of $5,750 before they could be released.

Joyce Hope, an assistant Prince George's County attorney, said both men were released after posting bond and producing the money for the vice squad, and that Ahlenfeld initiated eviction proceedings against the health club.

Hope said that before yesterday's court proceedings Ahlenfeld had directed Casberrian to remove a county sheriff's padlock from the building and replace the lock with one of his own. Bowen had ordered the building padlocked last July in a county crackdown on sexually oriented businesses. Bowen yesterday again ordered the county sheriff to padlock the building.