D.C. Auditor Otis H. Troupe released a final audit yesterday of expenditures by former University of the District of Columbia President Robert L. Green from the fiscal 1985 President's Representation Fund and concluded that Green had misspent more than $14,000 on travel, entertainment, meals and political contributions.

Troupe found that Green overspent the $15,000 representation fund by more than $9,000. His conclusions did not differ significantly from a previous finding by the Coopers & Lybrand accounting firm, which was hired by the UDC Board of Trustees to review expenditures by Green.

The representation fund is a discretionary account used by the president to cover expenses relating to his official duties. Earlier this week, the trustees voted to limit the fund to $5,000.

Green, who resigned his post under pressure on Aug. 23, said yesterday he "respectfully disagreed" with the auditor's findings.

"I don't think Mr. Troupe understands the representational role of the president," he said. "Mr. Troupe called for a review and assessment of the fund guidelines. I think that is needed. With the new president coming in there needs to be a discussion and understanding and an agreement on what the president can spend and what he can spend for."

Troupe concluded that $6,207 of Green's expenditures were inappropriate under board guidelines and that an additional $8,327 was spent on travel that was either improperly documented or inappropriate.

Meanwhile, the board has appointed Claude A. Ford, who was serving a 60-day term as interim president, as acting president until a permanent replacement is selected. Ford had been serving a limited term as interim president since Green's resignation.