An article in Tuesday's Metro section incorrectly reported the total amount of campaign funds raised by Virginia Democrat Gerald L. Baliles, who is running for governor, in the reporting period of Oct. 2-25. The correct amount was $829,005, compared to $1,008,622 raised in the same time by his Republican opponent, Wyatt B. Durrette.

Spending by Virginia Republican Wyatt B. Durrette has surged ahead of that of his Democratic opponent for governor by more than $500,000 in the most expensive political campaign in Virginia history.

Durrette disclosed today that he has raised and spent about $3.4 million, well ahead of the $2.9 million that Democrat Gerald L. Baliles, the front-runner in most polls, said he has raised and spent.

A Durrette spokesman said the GOP's fund raising shows that the party has gained momentum. "If we were having all the trouble some people are saying, we wouldn't be getting the money," said Don Harrision, Durrette's press secretary. "Money and momentum are obviously tied together."

Today's spending reports, the last required before next Tuesday's election, showed that Durrette, as of Oct. 25, has outdistanced Baliles by more than 3 to 1 in the last several weeks. The Republican, who had trailed in contributions at the start of the month, showed new contributions of $831,000, compared with $221,000 for Baliles.

The fund-raising spurt by Durrette is likely to be translated into even larger purchases of television time by the GOP nominee in the closing days of the campaign.

In the bitterly contested race for state attorney general, state Del. Mary Sue Terry of Patrick County, the Democratic candidate, reported a wide spending lead over her opponent, state Del. W.R. (Buster) O'Brien of Virginia Beach.

Terry's contributions and expenses each totaled about $1.3 million, compared with $675,295 raised and $814,416 spent by O'Brien. The GOP nominee reported debts of $205,000, including $100,000 borrowed from Virginia Beach developer Eddie Garcia.

In the race for lieutenant governor, Republican state Sen. John H. Chichester of Stafford County reported contributions of $792,030 and expenses of $775,498. He also listed debts of $88,600, including $70,000 that he loaned himself for the race.

The Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor, state Sen. L. Douglas Wilder of Richmond, did not make his report available today, but a spokeswoman said she was sure "we have complied with the law." Regulations require only that the reports be postmarked by today.

Virginia Beach builder R.G. Moore appeared to have added to his lead as the largest individual contributor in the campaign, giving another $100,000 to Baliles, for a total of $200,050.

Moore previously had given $103,000 to Durrette. A spokesman for the Durrette campaign said he did not know if Moore had added to his contributions to the Republican nominee. The Durrette campaign released its total figures and said it would make public its individual contributions or expenses on Tuesday.

The Baliles report, which was filed in full today, revealed the campaign had borrowed another $100,000, for a total of $180,000. The latest debts came in the form of $10,000 loans from each of 10 individuals. Among those loaning $10,000 to Bailies were two McLean residents, Harold Pareti, owner of the newly formed Dulles-based Presidential Airways, and lawyer Collister Johnson Jr.

The biggest expense of the Baliles campaign has been for media. Today's report showed that between Oct. 2 and Oct. 24, Bailies paid $629,000 to C.D. and S., the Washington consulting firm that is handling his commercials. Baliles also reported spending $32,500 for polling in the same period.

Republicans Chichester and O'Brien each reported receiving $50,000 from President Reagan's appearance in behalf of the GOP ticket, at a fund-raiser in Arlington.