Back When my kids were young, there was a television ad proclaiming one brand of peanut butter as "the peanuttiest" -- predictably, the kind the kids wanted. So now we find ourselves in the cross fire of which community, Suffolk, Va., or Dothan, Ala., is the peanuttiest city. Each has claimed the title "Peanut Capital of the World."

It looks like a standoff. Suffolk Mayor Andrew B. Damiani, whose city recently celebrated its seventh Peanut Fest, returned from Dothan's 47th National Peanut Festival with an agreement that the two communities will join in promoting their common interest in the goober.

A contest between the two cities was judged to be a draw by someone inside a costume depicted as Mr. Peanut of Planter's fame. (Hey, now! Looking at the label before the conglomerate era that now gives it a New Jersey address, we always saw Planter's claiming Virginia parentage.)

The Associated Press reports highly inconclusive research on which of the two places may indeed be Peanutville, U.S.A. Complicating the rivalry is the fact that neighboring Wakefield, Va., also claims the peanut capital title.

A further part of the problem is Virginia's system of making cities (such as Suffolk) independent politically from adjacent or surrounding counties. Suffolk's neighbor, Southampton County, is the unquestioned No.1 peanut producer; Suffolk processes most of them. The Dothan area produces but doesn't do much processing.

Oh, nuts. Lets all prosper.