President, BLS & Associates; has been active in efforts to caution youth about drug abuse and smoking, to provide recognition to teachers and administrative staff in the form of formal retirement activities and to revise curriculum and update equipment at career development centers; initiated the annual piano competition; has promoted the Turkey Bowl for interhigh championship team; has served on the boards of a number of local civic and professional organizations and is active in programs that support vocational education.

1: A common phenomenon in our testing programs across the country is for elementary students to do better than secondary. However, it is my deep belief that we will find significant improvement in our secondary scores as a result of three actions taken: (1) The students are being taught test-taking skills. (2) The competency-based curriculum strategies have now been moved into the secondary level, with the anticipated positive results enjoyed in the earlier grades from this program thrust. (3) The testing materials will be more relevant to the materials covered in the teaching/learning situation.

2: Students from low-income families clearly are the victims of limited exposure and opportunity. The only impact on learning ability is if there are physiological consequences, such as lead poisoning from living in an environment where lead has been used in paint. D.C. public school experience through Title 1 of compensatory educational opportunities, coupled with exposure and experience, has demonstrated evidence of significant success. The continuation of this kind of program clearly is opportunity to allow these children to overcome previously limited backgrounds.

3. (1) Resources, both human and capital, to assure safe, sanitary and inspiring physical environment. (2) Addition of staff development and human resource management personnel services, enabling a diminution of stresses and strains brought to the classroom by the teachers. Provisions in the personnel department for staff services, such as are found in corporate America, will hasten realization of our final goals and educationally maximize productivity for our students. (3) All of our graduating students should have the option of receiving two documents: the diploma or a competency certificate in any one of our 98 occupational programs. This enables students to further earn as they learn.