Teacher and chairman of the social studies department, St. Mary's High School; earned degree in history and government from University of Maryland; served six years on Historic District Commission and five years on the Building Board of Appeals; served two terms on St. Mary's Church Parish Council; native of Annapolis. The major tasks facing the city government are: (1) implementation of the Annapolis Comprehensive and the Inner West St. plans; (2) solving the problem of high turnover in government employment, especially in the police and fire departments; (3) solving the problem of increased theft and assault retired as Supervisor of Payroll, NSR & D laboratory, in 1973; recipient of 40 awards from civic, fraternal and government, and Veterans organizations; cosponsored bill that provides free bus transportation for seniors; member of the Housing and Community Development Committee that handles block grant funds; has worked for neighborhood preservation and secured funds for improvements of roads, parks and community services. (1) Since we have adopted the Annapolis Comprehensive Plan, we must follow through with sector and zoning regulations for the future of Annapolis. (2) In order to improve West Street, we must implement a parking plan to encourage investors to begin pouring money into redevelopment. (3) With all of the above, we must keep our tax rate within reason. (4) We must increase our police force, including foot patrols.