Facilities management services coordinator, Reuben H. Donnelley; commissioner, Rockville Housing Authority; member of Rockville Pike Advisory Committee and ad hoc Rabies Task Force; president, Twinbrook Citizens Association, 1982-85; state-appointed member of Citizens Advisory Group for Environmental Affairs; company representative to Rockville Chamber of Commerce; graduate of Northeastern University; member of American Association of University Women and Phi Alpha Theta (national honor society for history). City policy on development must follow the guidelines established in the city master plan and further enhance the quality of life that we have all come to expect. Development of our city resources is one way to stabilize the taxes paid by homeowners and allow for increased city services. Expanding the base should include all kinds of development -- office, retail and residential. It is important that mixed-use development be encouraged in Rockville, because each use supports the others. Rockville Pike Advisory Committee members, including myself, are dealing with such an issue. Metro will also help support this development. The entire city considers the retail base on Rockville Pike to be an asset, and it should be preserved through an incentive bonus system or an optional method of development that would underlie the basic free-market system, a method that would foster quality, well-planned development in Rockville.