Served as alderman for Seventh Ward from 1973 to 1981, chairman, Fire Committee and Port Wardens, member, Market House, Harbor and Docks, Finance and Auditing committees; former chairman, Democratic State Central Committee for Anne Arundel County; born in Annapolis, Eastport resident for more than 40 years; semiretired business administrator with F. H. Durkee enterprises; past president, Eastport Democratic Club.We must develop an improved rapport with state and county government officials to gain additional tax relief for fire, paramedic and police exchange services demanded by the County. Tourism, vital to our city, must be channeled to maximum advantage for Annapolis. We must facilitate a working traffic flow between Eastport and downtown Annapolis, with peripheral parking in Eastport and special attention to Forest Drive. Fire, paramedic and police services and salaries must be upgraded and expanded to curb the exit of employes to county or other employment. Preservation of our waterways will require continued commitment to preventive projects and new programs to protect our city's number one industry, boating. We must address the problems of senior citizens on fixed incomes and work to make the City Senior Citizen Center a reality. We must continue to upgrade recreational facilities for youth and address their need for quality education.