Founder and president, Tuxedo International Inc.; founder and former owner Maryland Medical Laboratory; served on the board of directors for Columbia, Springfield and Golden Ring Mall merchants associations; member, Annapolis YMCA Committee of Management; board member, Annapolis Civitan Club; Brigade Away Usher, U.S. Naval Academy Chapel; board member, Stanton Community Center; served in United States Army. 1. "Selective tourism" is our campaign's way of explaining the balance needed between our major "industry" and the quality of life desired by so many residents of our Capital. Traffic problems can be greatly relieved by expediting several highway improvements that are only in the planning stages. Both these issues illustrate the need for significantly improved relations between the City of Annapolis and the county and state. 2. Yes, Annapolis should do more. It is clear that we have residents who cannot afford housing in their own home town. My administration would be open to any number of creative homesteading programs that are working in other communities and could be tailored to our needs. I would prefer initiatives from the private sector, but the city administration first needs to establish a much-improved business climate with the building industry. 3. (1) Give residents and their elected representatives more participation in the administration of city government. (2) Regain control of our downtown. (3) Establish good working relationships with the county and state governments. (4) Establish a protocol for competitive bids on all procurement of goods and services. (5) Administratively insist that codes and ordinances are enforced.