Attorney in private practice; past president, Pinkney Street Association; president, Ward I Residents' Association; holds AA and JD degrees from the University of Baltimore; worked to prevent establishment of public "hot tubs" on City Dock; opposed ordinance to eliminate Housing and Community Development Committee; worked for passage of State Legislature and City Council bills funding placing of utilities underground; supported Comprehensive Plan and Neighborhood Watch program. (1) Begin a policy of law enforcement to create respect for the law. The city lacks a law enforcement policy; there is a general carnival atmosphere in the downtown area and this has resulted in vandalism and rowdiness that affects residents and businesses alike. (2) Provide police foot patrols in critical areas of the city. (3) Discover a new tax source other than the property tax, which has increased 58 percent in the last four years. (4) Control city spending, which has increased from $17.7 million to $26.3 million in the last four years. (5) Rewrite the City Code to implement the Comprehensive Plan adopted in 1985. (6) Promote traffic control by strict enforcement of parking restrictions, load limits, routing of traffic. (7) Give residents priority parking in residential districts. (8) Give businesses priority parking in business districts.