One of the basic issues we face in Frederick does not have to do with promoting low-income housing and commercial development. We do face an urgent need to reassess the degree and depth of development voters in Frederick want. city growth is on the verge of getting out of control both geographically and financially. My priorities lie in gaining control of this growth and guiding it in the proper direction for the benefit of the entire city. The key to financing this growth lies in the challenge it offers the private sector, and I will give that a high priority. Development -- housing and commercial -- must not be carried out at the expense of displacing needy families. If we renovate their homes in the name of progress and they cannot afford them and have no place to go and no planning has provided homes for them, has government served them? No! Frederick can avoid becoming another Rockville. We must continue to grow but it can be done on a reasonable and people-oriented basis. 2. The term "quality of life" is at best a transient concept. It changes constantly. It is a different concept for each individual. My interpretation in the political sense is that of creating an environment wherein people may develop their own "quality." For older people, Frederick has become quiet town where they may enjoy their later years with family and friends. For young people embarked on building families and careers, Frederick is a place to grow. For business and professional people, Frederick is a place of opportunity for growth and prosperity. My top priority will be to preserve and strengthen this unique quality. In a era of limited resources we must be prudent managers. The current city administration has lost touch with th aspirations of the people and panders to a select few, offering them the fruits of Frederick's "quality." Current trends in development will contaminate our growth. Improvements and expansion must strengthen and be beneficial to all parts of the city. Taxes generated citywide must not be funneled into projects benefiting only the few.