Services staff manager, AT&T Information Systems; member of Rockville City Council for two terms; member of Maryland Municipal League Board of Directors and Governor's Oil Price Overcharge Task Force; chairman, correctional policy subcommittee of Montgomery County Criminal Justice Commission; chairman of economics committee of Montgomery County Arson Task Force; member of Rockville Civic Improvement Advisory Commission; graduate of Columbia University. Rockville must encourage residential and commercial growth to maintain our high quality of life. Commercial growth should be limited to commercially designated areas of the city, i.e. Rockville Pike, downtown, Research Boulevard and already commercially zoned areas along I-270. Residential growth, ignored for too long, needs to be stressed. If we fail to grow residentially, our neighborhoods will suffer more commercial encroachment, our schools will be hurt and the residential character of our city will be lost. Rockville Pike serves as a perfect example, once traffic improvements have been implemented, of blending commercial and residential growth in a mixed-use environment. Twinbrook and Rockville Metro stations allow for high-density residential and commercial development on the Pike next to the stations, with lower density development allowable between the stations. The retail mix along the pike must be preserved.