Senior manager with Federal Emergency Management Agency/U.S. Fire Administration; has been member of Rockville Human Rights Commission, coordinator of the mayor and council's Community Partnership Project and board member and officer of Rockshire Homeowners Association; has held management positions in Department of State, D.C. Department of Finance and Revenue, and Office of Economic Opportunity in the Executive Office of the President; graduate of University of Maryland, holds master's degree in urban management from Drexel University. My policy would be to maintain Rockville as a residential community with sufficient commercial development to support the service needs of the neighborhoods and businesses. To accomplish this I would pursue the following: (1) Redevelop/expand commercial and business only in current business zones, i.e., the pike and town center. (2) Retain current levels of housing in the city. (3) Pursue mixed-use development where appropriate in current business zones to create housing with business. (4) Implement Rockville Housing Policy Task Force's recommendations to generate more housing. (5) Work with the county to lessen Rockville Pike's use as a county commuter route in light of I-270 expansion. (6) Implement better land-use planning and management to balance residential and commercial development. (7) Develop a more aggressive code enforcement program to protect neighborhood values and improve visual appearance of the business district.