Marine Corps is looking for a GM (merit pay) 14 superintendent in Quantico for its school system for dependents. Call Shirley Curry, (703) 640-2048.

Navy has openings in Norfolk for a GM 13 electronics engineer and GS 9/11 electronics technician. Call Hal Wright, (804) 444-7542.

General Services Administration needs a temporary management assistant (typing), GS 7. Call Jeanette Artis, 566-0681.

Treasury's Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms wants a writer-editor, GS 5 through 9; an accountant, GS 9/12; voucher examiner, GS 4/6; accounting technician, GS 5/7, and a clerk-typist, GS 2/4. Call 566-7321.

Defense Nuclear Agency in Alexandria has openings for a procurement clerk or assistant (typing), GS 4 through 6, a GS 2/3 clerk-typist and GM 13 supervisory personnel management specialist. Call 325-7593.

Immigration and Naturalization Service needs a communications specialist, GS 9/12. Call Karen Ellis, 633-2530.

Energy Department wants a GS 14 administrative officer and GS 5 secretary (typing). Call 252-8565.

Social Security in Arlington is looking for clerk-typists, GS 2/3/4. Call 235-8591.

Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. needs a GS 8/9 chief of its personnel operations section. Call Andrea Campbell, 389-4105.

Commodity Futures Trading Commission wants a secretary (typing) GS 5/6. Call 254-3679.