A D.C. Superior Court judge imposed a series of deadlines yesterday that should resolve a year-long dispute over a pay increase for D.C. police officers.

Judge Gladys Kessler laid out the timetable after denying a request by the Fraternal Order of Police to order Mayor Marion Barry to submit immediately to the City Council for approval a pay increase for police officers that was awarded earlier this year by an arbitration panel.

In making her ruling, Kessler said she will postpone her final decision on the FOP's request until the D.C. Public Employee Relations Board has completed a court-ordered review of its decisions to uphold the arbitration panel's ruling giving D.C. police officers a 15 percent wage increase over three years.

Barry has opposed the panel's award because it means District police officers would be paid more than District firefighters. The two groups have traditionally had the same pay scales.

Kessler, who set a 20-day deadline for the PERB review, said that when the review is completed Barry must submit the award to the City Council, which then must act on the contract within 60 days.

An FOP spokesman said yesterday that the group, which represents about 3,300 D.C. police officers, would have preferred an immediate order to submit the pay raise to the City Council, but that it was pleased that Kessler set a schedule of deadlines.