Condominium resident manager; member, Housing and Community Development Committee; received BA from University of Maryland; served four years in U.S. Army as Battalion Training Sergeant, German translator and Company Drug and Alcohol Counselor, received Army Commendation Medal; former vice president, Crofton Mews Condominium Association; received Anne Arundel County Helping Hand Award for hiring rehabilitated youth; former counselor, Anne Arundel County Weekend Lock-up for Juveniles; active in Republican organizations. (1) We must encourage quality growth to improve our tax base and provide jobs without changing the character of our city. This can be accomplished through enactment of the Comprehensive Plan. (2) The city must remain fiscally sound to avoid unnecessary increases in property taxes. City residents are already overburdened by the combination of city and county taxes. (3) The city must address the high turnover rate within the police department. The two percent per year disability pension is grossly inadequate. An intensive review of other police benefits is in order. (4) Most importantly, our maritime industry, development and environmental concerns must balance. None of these are served if our creeks are not passable. Back Creek is in desperate need of dredging. The maintenance dredging of a mere five storm drain outfalls on Back Creek is inadequate. This issue will be of highest priority during my term in office.