Mayor of Annapolis since June, 1981; chairman, Transportation Steering Committee, Baltimore Regional Planning Council; member of Maryland Municipal League Legislative Committee and Section on Local Government, Maryland State Bar Association; has served on Annapolis committees studying school boundaries and structure of city government; former member, Annapolis Planning and Zoning Commission; former Anne Arundel County Deputy Solicitor and County Solicitor; past president, Maryland Civil Attorneys Association. 1. With the assistance of an involved citizenry, I have fulfilled a major promise of my 1981 campaign, to ensure the adoption of a new Comprehensive Plan (May 1985). This Plan addresses both tourism and traffic. It must be understoood that we have had tourism and traffic problems for years, but never had a policy addressing either! To control tourist-generated traffic, the city desperately needs to see the Transit Visitors Facility constructed -- as proposed -- near the entrance to town. As for tourism promotion, with limited space we need to encourage those tourists who actually appreciate the historical and maritime aspects of the city and who have the resources to patronize our merchants. As for traffic, I endorse the planned integrated transportation strategy, including improvements to intersections and streets, enhancement of our shuttle system and erection of parking facilities. 2. Except for the city of Baltimore, Annapolis already has more low-income housing units as a proportion of all housing than any jurisdiction in the state. Annapolis occupies only one half of the Annapolis Neck Peninsula. On the other half, Anne Arundel county has only minimal affordable housing, none currently planned, and none on adjacent peninsulas. Still, Annapolis does have a modest program of constructing owner-occupied, low-to-moderate income homes. Moreover, under a grant I obtained through the U.S. Conference of Mayors, we have developed a strategy for creating affordable housing alternatives for the elderly. We also have an effective housing assistance program which provides funds to bring existing low-to-moderate income structures up to current code standards. I shall continue to encourage the county to accept its responsibilty and match the city's commitment to the goals of adequate, affordable housing. 3. In 1981, faced with a city that had lost confidence in its government due to an acute financial and management mess, I restored not only the faith of the constituents but just as importantly the faith of our bond raters, auditors and business community. One major task facing the city now is to continue to conduct municipal business in an open, rational and intelligent manner, without the influence of special interests or partisanship. The other crucial task is the implementation of the comprehensive plan. I personally created the framework of community participation which produced a truly citizen-based blueprint for the next decade. This effort will be lost if the city does not have a leader with a record of accomplishment who understands both the community dynamics and the intricacies of the Planned Implementation Strategy.