The loss of revenue sharing and other federal funds will have a devastating effect on communities everywhere. We must either cut back on services, raise taxes or generate new tax base to absorb this loss. I propose continuing what we have done successfully the last 12 years. Recognizing that these funds would one day be lost, my administration used our funds principally to rebuild our infrastructure and create an atmosphere for private growth. We have several thousand housing units either under construction or planned. The developer pays for roads, street lighting, utilities and park land. Several hundred-thousand square feet of new retail space, several hundred-thousand square feet of office space and many new industries are either in planning stages or under development. The downtown has been the focus of redevelopment in Frederick. It has greatly expanded our accessible base. It has been the attraction that has brought attention and new investment dollars to Frederick. It would continue as an area receiving special attention. Frederick is prepared to accommodate all types of development. With this expanded tax base we will be able to serve our people without major tax increases. We have cut the tax rate six of the last eight years. 2. Our goal 12 years ago was to reestablish a city identity. It has been done and community spirit and pride are flourishing. We will continue to expand our park system (40 parks in a city of 32,000 people) and improve and expand cultural facilities, such as the Weinberg Center, that we created. We started a Community Center, an adult Recreation Center, new ball diamonds, tennis courts and horseshoe pits, and will continue to support these facilities. Thousands of new housing units and thousands of new jobs have improved living and working conditions. We have a good educational system. We created a volunteers' office to involve an ever-increasing number of citizens in community activities and to help create events such as "In the Street," which encourage citizens to celebrate feeling good about living in Frederick. We have looked to bring in minor league baseball, arts facilities, new hotels, restaurants and shops. We seize upon every opportunity to bring to Frederick anything that will offer our citizens more opportunities or activities. We have greatly expanded services in recent years by increasing the efficiency of our people and equipment. We will continue to do so by adding personnel as demand dictates and as expanded tax base supports.