Attorney in firm of Van Grack, Axelson & Williamowsky; committee chairman, Horizon Hill Civic Association; has been an aide to state Sens. Victor Crawford and Lucille Maurer and counsel for Mike Barnes for Congress; active in Rockville Neighborhood Crime Watch and PTA; campaign manager, Committee to Elect Sitting Judges; member of Montgomery County Bar Association Maryland State Bar Association and Jewish Community Center; coach in Rockville Baseball Association; recipient of Rockville award for volunteer services. 1: Most of Rockville's heavy traffic -- along the pike -- is a sign of success. It means Rockville has been a growing, healthy community. This doesn't mean, however, that traffic congestion is good. To the degree that the pike is a commuter road, we can improve it by encouraging the county and state to build alternate routes. We can develop a better relationship with planners, and we can be better advocates for faster improvement of the Rockville-Gaithersburg-Germantown road network. We can also improve the pike by encouraging pedestrians to use it, through foot bridges, timing lights to make crossing safer, pedestrian networks around buildings and similar devices. Greater investment in bus service and new designs for shopping areas would also help. We must use preventive medicine to emphasize residential development around the pike. Such development can only be permitted that preserves adjacent residential neighborhoods and the current retail stores. 2: If the city had followed its master plan by properly emphasizing residential development, underenrollment at Richard Montgomery High School would not be as grave a problem and we would not be debating the school's future. The town center plan is also symbolic of the city's drift away from residential development toward commercial. Six years after its adoption, it remains little more than a piece of paper. Even worse, the city has chosen to allow deemphasis of its residential component. If the city has not failed to adequately emphasize residential development, why is its population declining when the rest of Montgomery County is growing so rapidly? What Rockville business needs is an ombudsman to cut red tape, and someone in government to lead the city's marketing effort. That is why I have proposed an economic development corporation for Rockville. 3: We need stronger election finance laws. Any candidate in this race could legally take any amount of money from anywhere he or she chose. I have voluntarily used the limits for state officials for my campaign. We need to know where candidates are getting their funding from before the election -- not 30 days after, as in current city law. We need to eliminate Rockville's separate voter registration system, which turns voting for mayor and council from the right of all to the privilege of a few. Rockville has many volunteer board members who are an essential part of public involvement in our government. Current law forbids those serving on a volunteer board from participating in a legal action against the city, even if that action is unrelated to their board's jurisdiction. This discourages private citizens from participating in government, especially at a time when elected officials are allowed to stay in office after revealing a clear conflict of interest.