Appointed to fill unexpired term as Rockville Mayor in November 1984; served two terms on Rockville City Council; board member, Council of Governments; member, Human Services Policy Committee, Montgomery County Committee for More Efficient Use of Existing Housing Stock, Montgomery County Community Action Board and County Board of Education Area Advisory Committee; cochair, Rockville Housing Policy Task Force; mathematics teacher, Montgomery County Public Schools. 1. (1) Work with the county and state to coordinate road improvements so that roads can be in place to more closely coincide with completion of development. (2) Work with private developers so that they will provide vans for van pooling, encourage car pooling and encourage use of public transportation. (3) Upgrade West Montgomery Avenue; widen Gude Drive; work with the state to have Gude Drive designated as Rte. 28 to remove traffic from West Montgomery Avenue. (4) Keep city road projects on schedule. (5) Along Rockville Pike -- work with the state to provide better timing for traffic lights and turning lanes at appropriate intersections. Establish shuttle service along the pike if the current study indicates feasibility. (6) Encourage the concept of mixed use development. More traffic is added to our streets and highways unless housing opportunities are close to job opportunities. Housing can be physically close or close in the sense of having convenient public transportation nearby. 2. I would encourage the concept of mixed use development along the pike. When the opportunities for jobs are created I strongly believe there should be opportunities offered to house people to fill those jobs. Development, commercial and residential, must be carefully correlated with the capacity of our road network and the availability of convenient public transportation. Commercial development along the pike must continue to include the basic retail outlets necessary to meet the needs of the residential areas adjacent to the pike as well as residential areas that would be a part of mixed use development. Finding innovative ways to increase housing opportunities in Rockville needs to be a priority for the next mayor and council. 3.I think Rockville needs a strong ethics law so that the confidence citizens place in their city officials will not be eroded. The ethics ordinance prohibits officials (elected or appointed) or employes from representing private interests in any litigation to which the city is a party other than personal injury cases involving the city. To further strengthen the ordinance and provide consistency I would propose that the ordinance also include such a prohibition with respect to representation before boards and commissions of the city.