A Prince George's County couple was awakened yesterday morning and shot by an intruder as each of them sat up in their bed, police said. Their 2-year-old son, who was sleeping between them, was not shot.

Eugene C. Prowant Jr., 30, and his wife, Pamela Prowant, 26, of 11721 S. Laurel Dr., south of Laurel, were recovering last night from surgery at Prince George's General Hospital, county police said. Pamela Prowant was in critical condition, according to police, and Eugene Prowant was in stable condition.

Eugene Prowant told police that he was awakened about 3:30 a.m. when a man he did not know kicked his feet, said Robert Law, a county police spokesman. When he sat up in bed, Prowant told police, the man shot him twice with a handgun, striking him in the chest and the abdomen.

The shots woke Pamela Prowant, police said, who sat up in bed and was shot twice in the abdomen and had another bullet graze her head. She was able to call county police before she passed out, police said.

Police said last night they know of no motive or suspect in the shootings.

"We can't rule out anything at this point," said Law. "It could be burglary, but we have no way of knowing whether anything is missing from the apartment. We're almost at a standstill until the Prowants' conditions improve to the point that we can talk to them some more."

Eugene Prowant's parents sat in the hospital all afternoon yesterday, waiting to see their son and daughter-in-law, but they were not allowed to see them, said his mother.

She said last night that they had taken their grandson to a doctor to be treated for a bruise caused by a bullet that grazed his head and for another "big blue bruise" on his cheek.

"He's doing okay," she said. "The doctor said he will be okay. He's really upset about what happened. He talks about it quite a bit."

She said that, like the police, she and her husband "are at a loss" to explain why the shooting occurred. She said she does not think burglary was a motive.

"My son had $700 on his dresser for some contracting work he had just been paid for Thursday night," she said. "And it was still there. He has stereo equipment, too. Nothing was touched."

Detectives from the county police station in Beltsville interviewed dozens of relatives and neighbors of the couple yesterday, hoping to gain information about a reason for the what police called "a bizarre shooting."

Law said the intruder got into the apartment through a patio door, apparently with a screwdriver-like tool. The apartment did not appear to be ransacked, he said.

When police arrived at the apartment, Law said, they found the 2-year-old in an adjoining bedroom. He was able to tell police that his "Mommy" and "Daddy" had been shot, Law said, but the boy was not able to give any helpful information.