Iowa will be represented in the Marine Corps Marathon tomorrow, perhaps with a platoon of entries.

Metro Scene reported yesterday that Iowa -- which, incidentally, means "sleepy ones" in the Dakota Indian language -- was alone among the 50 states in having no entries in the Marathon. We published the office number of Marine reserve Lt. Col. Herbert Harmon, a Washington lawyer, who said he'd take a late application from any Iowan anxious to salvage the state's honor.

Harmon didn't tip off his secretary, Dorothy (Dotty) Moss, who arrived at work yesterday to find the telephone ringing off the hook.

There were prospective entrants galore from perhaps two dozen Iowans and an inquiry from the Des Moines Register's Washington bureau, Harmon said.

One who called, he said, was Joanne Johnson, Miss Iowa of 1959 and the first runner-up in that year's Miss America competition, now a resident of California on a Washington visit. Harmon said she volunteered to run if no other Iowan would. In any event, she promised to show up at the Iwo Jima Memorial to greet Iowans making the run that begins at 9 a.m.

Navy Commander Bob Reeve, an Iowan, and his wife will run, too, Harmon said, and so will two Iowans -- Tom Treska and Al Schaeffer -- who are members of the Death Valley Vietnam Veterans Marathon Team. That outfit, if Harmon is to be believed, parachutes annually into California's Death Valley (made famous to recent generations by a retired television personality named Ronald Reagan) and makes a sandy run far longer and more treacherous than tomorrow's 26.2-mile run through the hard-surfaced but more benign Washington landscape.