More than a half-million dollars was won Monday by bettors in the D.C. lottery's four-digit daily numbers game, making it the largest single payoff since the game began last year, lottery officials said yesterday.

The winnings in the four-digit game, which went to anyone who bet on 1011, were nearly eight times more than the $71,444 the lottery collected for the game on Monday, according to lottery Executive Director Douglass Gordon.

"This is unbelievable," said Gordon, who added that the lottery's claim center at 717 D St. NW was swamped all day yesterday with players collecting their winnings.

"The pay out was so great that lottery employes had to work overtime" to handle all the winners, Gordon said.

He said 474 winning tickets were sold and the payoff for a single bet, depending on the size and kind of bet, ranged from $250 to $5,000. A single bet can be either 50 cents or $1.

The lottery launched the daily four-digit game in March as one of four games run by the lottery. Gordon said that while yesterday was a big day for winning four-digit ticket holders, the payoff will not have a great impact on yearly revenue.

He said during a year's time, the lottery pays out about half of the gross sales from its four games.

"It all balances out," Gordon said.

For example, he said, the lottery sold about $275,000 in three-digit game tickets on Monday and paid out only $4,000 in winnings for that game.