An Arlington judge granted prosecution requests yesterday that he order a blood analysis and teeth impressions of Daniel R. Kfoury, charged with murder in a case that authorities say was part of an "exorcism."

Judge Francis E. Thomas Jr., in a bench ruling in General District Court, cleared the way for the tests that Commonwealth's Attorney Henry E. Hudson said he expects to use at Khoury's preliminary hearing Nov. 18.

Khoury is accused of killing Robert C. Bloom, 27, Oct. 28 in the basement apartment he shared with Bloom at Bloom's parents' house at 4907 Washington Blvd. According to an affidavit police filed in court, Kfoury suspected that Bloom was "possessed by evil spirits."

The affidavit says Kfoury told police that he pressed his knees against Bloom's head and hit Bloom around the spine for seven hours.

John C. Youngs, one of Kfoury's defense attorneys, had objected to the request for an analysis of the blood taken from Kfoury shortly after his arrest.

Hudson said the analysis is needed to determine whether the suspect was under the influence of mind-altering drugs.

The defense also objected to Hudson's request for teeth impressions to discover if Kfoury was responsible for "several distinct bite marks" found on Bloom's body.