Fairfax High School's Katia Lewis has become the Northern Region's leading offensive threat in field hockey with just two years of varsity experience.

Lewis, who helped the Rebels to a second-place finish in the Virginia AAA championship last year, led her team in scoring with 16 goals and is the current leader this fall with 11.

A left inner on the forward line, Lewis scores almost every time she has the opportunity. Fairfax is 11-1 overall and is undefeated in the Potomac District as the season comes to a close this week.

"Everybody looks up to her. She's such a go-getter," said Coach Starr Karl. "Katia is a team player and I think that's real important."

In preparation for this season, Lewis attended the USA Olympic C level developmental camp at Towson State.

On the field, Lewis is an aggressive player, who manipulates her stick artfully around her opponents. Off the field, she considers herself shy. Even on the field she doesn't bombard her teammates with comments.

"I'm not really outgoing (on the field). I'll make comments once in a while. I'm not really a big criticizer," said Lewis. "I take criticism better when I think they're being constructive.

"If you have someone always telling you when you're messing up, they tune you out. I'm more subtle about it. I speak only when there's really something that needs to be said."

Lewis has lettered in field hockey, track, cross country, soccer and basketball.

Because of her position as a scorer in field hockey, Lewis receives more recognition there than in the other sports she plays.

Lewis specializes in defense in basketball and is the playmaker at halfback in soccer.

"Everybody likes to be noticed. I think I'm a lot more noticed in field hockey because of my position," said Lewis. "In field hockey I really wouldn't want to play anything else."

The 5-foot-7 Lewis feels she plays with more finesse and less aggression this year than last.

"Before, I would get (the ball) through, but it wasn't the prettiest," said Lewis.

Lewis finds it hard to take the credit for Fairfax's success. She constantly mentions the team support and Karl's coaching as the reason for her success.

"It's really neat about the team -- everybody makes everybody look so good," said Lewis. "You're not any more of a starter than anybody else. I'm lucky because I'm right there in the center."