An attendant who told police this week that the self-service gasoline station where she worked in Northeast Washington was robbed of $14,000 by a man who set fire to a cashier's booth, has been arrested and charged with theft, D.C. police reported.

A police spokesman said Constance L. Clarke, 25, of 2407 Arundel Rd., Hyattsville was arrested Thursday and charged with first-degree theft.

At the time of the incident, police said they had been told that a man had approached the cashier's window at the Amoco station at 45 Florida Ave. NE about 11:30 a.m. Monday and asked to buy a quart of motor oil.

The attendant told police that she had told the man of the price of the oil, but that instead of placing money in the drawer, the man poured in some gasoline. The initial police report stated that the man then slid the drawer halfway back into the booth and set it afire.

With smoke accumulating inside and flames lapping around the window, the police report said, the attendant fled the booth and the man rushed inside, scooped up money from the cash register and fled.

Police said Clarke was arraigned yesterday in D.C. Superior Court and was later released. They said their investigation was continuing.