A 55-year-old Rockville woman put three silver dollars into a slot machine in Atlantic City yesterday, pulled the lever and hit one of the largest jackpots on record there: $1,360,000.

Dolores Perry, a secretary for the Vitro Corp. in Silver Spring, set the bells ringing and the lights flashing about 4:15 p.m. in Caesars Atlantic City Hotel Casino, according to a casino spokeswoman.

"I was in a state of shock," Perry said last night in a telephone interview from the hotel. "It's just hard to comprehend. It's a funny feeling and I still can't believe it."

Perry said she plans, at least for now, to return to her job.

"I've got to go back to work," she said. "I've got responsibilities there."

Perry's husband, John, a lawyer with the Labor Department, said he and his wife arrived in Atlantic City by bus on Sunday to spend part of the holiday weekend. The jackpot came after four hours of play.

Perry, who said she expected to receive a check for her winnings today, said she is not certain what she will do with the money.

"I haven't even thought of this," she said. "I do have some great ideas for some members of the family who I want to do things for."

She said she will probably buy her husband a boat and do "things I've never done."

She and her husband have three children in their 20s.

The Caesars spokeswoman said the jackpot, won on a dollar-progressive machine, was the fourth largest in the seven-year history of Atlantic City gambling. She said the second largest Atlantic City payoff, $1.5 million, came last year.

John Perry laughed last night when he was asked about his gambling success. Had he hit any jackpots on the trip?

"Are you kidding?" he said.