Hillsboro officials may purchase liability insurance soon if a study being done by Town Attorney Anna Hedrick indicates a need for it, according to Mayor Alexandra Spaith. Hedrick was asked to study the issue when officials began reading that other towns of similar size (the one square mile town has 125 residents) have it.

"If our water system broke down, for instance," Spaith said, "and somebody got sick, they could sue. Hedrick will help us decide if we need to protect ourselves against that."

Round Hill resident Carol Romberg has been hired to go through Hillsboro's ordinances and write an updated code, Spaith said. Ordinances that need to be deleted include one that makes it a crime to "swear within the town limits" and another that outlaws "fast horses on Rte. 9," the town's main street. All of the town's records are kept on microfilm at the Purcellville library.

At the suggestion of longtime council member Randy Allen, Romberg has been authorized to do 20 hours of research at $5 an hour, beginning with the most recent records and ending with the oldest ones, which were handwritten and may be hard to read. "If she Romberg gets near the end and sees that it will take a little more than 20 hours, the council will probably approve it," Spaith said.