Steven Nichols, a middle school principal from the Fairfax County school system has been hired to replace Clifford Evert, who left the Manassas Park middle school's top administrative post to work in the Caribbean for the Department of Defense, according to School Superintendent Jimmy Stuart.

Stuart also said that he and his staff hope to present the 1986-87 budget to the City Council in March, a month earlier than usual.

Last year's budget called for a 10 percent raise for teachers but the council cut that to 9 percent. The school administration made up the difference, Stuart said, by raising the fringe benefits by more than 1 percent.

Although he declined to name a figure, Stuart said he will ask the council for an across-the-board raise for all school employes.

In other matters, a meeting slated for next month between Prince William County and Manassas Park officials to discuss annexation was canceled by county officials and no new meeting was set, according to City Clerk Lana Conner.

Manassas Park officials hope to annex two tracts totaling 674 acres owned by the ctiy located inside Prince William County lines. All but 106 acres are contiguous to the city. Both jurisdictions appointed three member committees last year to discuss the annexation request but after two meetings discussions are at a standstill, both sides say.

Earlier this year, both City Manager Jerry Davis and County Executive Robert Noe said there was a possibility of trading 1 million gallons of sewer capacity in the Upper Occoquan Sewer Authority treatment plant for the land.

According to a 1975 state law, jurisdictions can no longer petition the court for annexation but instead must negotiate for it. Manassas Park owned the land it wants annexed before the law was passed and before becoming a city in 1976. Annexation would permit the kind of development Manassas Park says it needs to fill its schools and make them cost-effective. The Manassas Park school system began eight years ago with 2,000 students and currently has fewer than 1,500.